The Conservatoire offers Bachelors and Masters courses in composition, allowing students to focus on their main discipline, composing, while gaining comprehensive training in artistic, practical and theoretical skills, as well as taking general and cultural components. Every year, students of composition will participate in specific projects, either within the framework of the Conservatoire itself (concerts, arrangements, orchestration...) or in collaboration with external organisations. The practical training also includes seminars, masterclasses, with the possibility of further educational exchanges. 

As part of the comprehensive training in music, culture and general subjects offered at the Conservatoire, students in composition will have every opportunity to help them achieve full artistic independence, culminating in the realisation of a personal artistic project at the end of their studies. The ultimate aim of the masters programme in composition is that each student should be able to use all possible means available to realise their personal ambitions within their chosen field, and to acquire the skills necessary in order to make a successful transition into professional life. 


Requirements for the entrance examinations :
Course specifications for Composition:
Bachelier Master