Rhythms and rhythmics

Since 2020, the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles offers an undergraduate course: the BaRR (Bachelor in Rhythms and Rhythmics).

Who is this course for?

This three-year course is open to anyone - musician, actor, dancer or other - who has good rhythmic skills and wishes to use them in artistic, educational, socio-cultural or health-care settings.

Why this training?

This program intends to fill a gap in Higher Artistic Education by offering a course of basic training in which rhythm is envisaged as the motor, expressive, and structuring core of human feeling and of the temporal art forms.
Its purpose is to provide future bachelors with a complete, in-depth training, bringing together a wide range of disciplines which will lead to multiple professional opportunities.

The BaRR curriculum is organised around six domains illustrating the breadth of the field of rhythmic experience and activity.

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What subjects are taught?

Practicing and experiencing rhythm I Introduction to body awareness techniques I Music training I African and Afro-Cuban rhythms I Practical anatomy and kinesthesia I African dance I Guided auditions I Traditional and ancient dances I History of music I Western rhythmic approaches I Mediterranean and Middle Eastern rhythms I Body training I Ethnomusicology I Rhythmic therapeutic applications I Stage movement I Psychology and neuropsychology of rhythm I Indian rhythm I General didactics I Jazz rhythm...

A typical week

Career opportunities

The Bachelor in Rhythms and Rhythmics focuses on training qualified teachers who can intervene in music schools (rhythm classes, music training...) as well as in primary or secondary education (music initiation, music or dance group practices…). It also provides the tools for undergraduates to intervene in the corporate environment (stress management, team-building...) or in the field of health care (handicaps, socialization, dyslexia, ADHD...).

Entry requirements

Two conditions determine registration:

  • to hold a secondary school diploma: the Belgian CESS or an equivalent secondary school diploma for any other country >>> More info
  • to pass the admission test

The next admission session is scheduled for 30 August 2023. Registration for the examinations must be done at the latest 15 days before.

Requirements for the entrance examinations (in french)


Course specifications for Rhythms and Rhythmics (in french)