European landscape of teaching practices and pedagogical innovation in HMEI’s – Harmony and Music Analysis fields

KA 203 Erasmus+ Programme Strategic Partnerships for higher education Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. ID Project : 20PS0002


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This project created and led by Salvatore Gioveni (Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles) promotes cross-border collaboration in the field of music theory through sharing knowledge and transferring pedagogical innovation. It thus responds to a lack of centralized sources and framework to deepen reflection by means of cross-disciplinary study at European and international level. There is a significant wealth of educational practices from one country to another in this sector, especially in terms of harmonic musical notation and analysis. However, Music HMEI’s are facing the nonexistence of a European network for pedagogical staff in music theory so far in order to share their pedagogical practices. To improve the situation, the project will, among other things, develop 4 intellectual outputs (IO). Results of the project are  available for free in a digital format, and integrated into the digital platform – IO 1 to ensure their visibility and a wide exploitation by the institutions organizing music theory courses. We are particularly proud of our 5 project’s partners and IT Team without whom we would not be able to make true this European KA203 project !

IO 1 – European digital platform

IO 2 – An European bibliography

IO 3 – A repository of courses’ descriptions

IO 4 – A multilingual glossary of basic terms