Choral conducting

The course in choral conducting is a 2-year master programme, and is open to students who have completed a first-cycle (bachelors) in any discipline of classical and contemporary music, and who also pass the entrance examination.

The course allows students to focus on their main discipline of choral conducting and the specific skills required for this, but also allows students to gain a fully comprehensive training, including the theoretical and practical skills necessary for an choir conductor, with the aim of enabling students to approach the vast choral repertoire (from the Renaissance to contemporary works, both sacred and secular) in an in-depth manner.

The conducting course thus includes the in-depth analysis of scores, paying attention to the stylistic detail which students need to understand before conducting music, alongside fostering an awareness of the importance of clear communication with the singers with whom the future conductor will be collaborating.

Different skills are developed during the course: including the aspect of "technique" whereby students develop conducting gestures appropriate for their individual musical approach; the "theory" aspect, including voice, listening skills, languages and repertoire; alongside the "psychological" aspect, helping students become aware of the interpersonal and psychological skills necessary for all forms of conducting and communication.

The courses include both an invididual and collective element together with the other students in the class. Students also have real-life practical experience throughout the year in a "practice choir" (a chamber choir consisting of student volunteers and/or students involved with choral conducting in the Conservatoire) and with the Singing ensemble class (comprising of students from the Conservatoire). Numerous concert programmes are proposed and conducted each year by students from the choral conducting programme. 

The exams are organised in the form of concerts with these same choirs.

Requirements for the entrance examinations  :
Course specifications for Choral conducting: