The Conservatoire offers Bachelors and Masters courses in jazz piano, within the jazz department. The Bachelors course consists of three years, while the Masters lasts two years.

The course aims to give students a broad and solid foundation for future work, and thus the programme takes a principally historical approach. Students study approaches to the piano from jazz and related genres, learning about the evolution of styles over time. Throughout the programme, the focus is always on helping students understand and put into practice what they are learning. In this spirit, the instrumental classes explore the diverse roles which the piano can fulfill, as a melody, rhythm and harmony instrument, both as a soloist and accompanist, alongside learning the specific techniques required. These skills are closely linked to ensemble work, and the rest of the general training within the jazz department. The general classes are designed in order to help students see their instrumental practice in the wider context, giving their work depth, coherence and a multidimensional aspect, thereby helping them develop tools to become autonomous. Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to participate in artistic projects both within the Conservatoire and elsewhere.

The masters programme aims to help students find their own, personal artistic path, both in terms of gaining further skills in the language of music and relevant techniques and also by helping them to formulate their own, original way of expressing themselves. At masters level, the programme is to a large extent planned around the student's own aims and objectives, and culminates in the public performance of a personal artistic project at the end of their studies. 

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Course specifications for Jazz Piano:
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