The jazz trombone course is spread over 5 years, with 3 years of Bachelors and 2 years of Masters course. During the first three years, the aim is for students to acquire all the basic skills they need as a foundation for developing their own personal sound and original approach during the final two years. 

We help students become proficient on their instrument by working through its evolution throughout the history of jazz. Every aspect of the work is considered in a practical and lively context, and always in relation to pieces from the great repertoire of jazz standards alongside more specialised repertoire which provides more precise material to work on specific aspects depending on the needs of each student, and where they are in their learning process. 

All exercises are approached within a real context. Consequently, students have the impression that they are learning music and jazz through immersion, in the same was as one learns a language by living with native speakers in a foreign country. Particular attention is paid to the student-teacher exchange within individual lessons, but also the exchange between students during the several hours of group classes. The oral tradition, and learning by ear take precedence over reflecting and reading of scores. The search for a beautiful and emotional performance is also seen as more important than purely intellectual processes, or pure performance. There is also an emphasis on the need to be versatile, and develop skills most relevant for the modern world.

In addition to regular classes (both individual and collective), concerts and masterclasses are organised.

Requirements for the entrance examinations :
Course specifications for Jazz Trombone:
Bachelier Master