The Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles offers a bachelors in jazz drums, followed by a masters course, both within the Jazz Department.

Invented by, and for, jazz, drumming is the result of a cultural mix: Asia (cymbals), Africa (tom-toms), and Europe (snare drum).

With a focus on studying the aesthetics which defined the history of jazz, the aim of both the bachelors and masters programmes is to bring out the individual sound and identity of each student. 

During the first, bachelors, cycle, the student gains a solid technique on the instrument, starting with a revision of all the fundamental basic skills.

During the masters programme, each student is guided to consider the history of jazz in more depth, and make it their own, becoming aware of the different trends in the contemporary jazz scene, (electro, Afro-Cuban music, second line …) so they can develop their own, personal way of expressing themselves, in order to make a successful transition into professional life.

Requirements for the entrance examinations :
Course specifications for Drums:
Bachelier Master