Bass guitar

The Conservatoire offers Bachelors and Masters courses in jazz bass, within the jazz department. The Bachelors course consists of three years, while the Masters lasts two years.

The Bachelors course centers on the study and understanding of different styles of jazz from the beginning of the last century until the present day. By analysing different forms of accompaniment, and repertoire in different styles, students learn to fulfil the role of bassist in a range of musical situations. Rythmic and harmonic work, directly linked to the theory classes, is an essential part of the student's personal development, both for accompaniment as well as solo playing.

Alongside this comprehensive musical training which helps students develop an approach based on curiosity and self-reflection, they also have double bass lessons which help them develop their artistic and cultural awareness in the context of the modern music world. In addition to individual and group lessons, students also have the chance to participate in a series of masterclasses with well-respected jazz musicians, alongside other encounters, concerts, jams... organised by the Jazz department at the Conservatoire.

During the masters programme, students then build on these skills, further developing their instrumental and artistic work, and culminating in a public performance of their personal artistic project at the end of the course. In the masters cycle, students are also supported along their personal artistic journey as they come into contact with the realities of the profession today.

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