Social security

Students from countries within the European Union have to request a European Health Insurance Card from the social security authority in their home country. This card will give them access to the Belgian health system. In addition, t is strongly advised that students sign up with a health care provider (or "mutuelle") for everyday health care needs. 

Attention : the Belgian term "mutuelle" includes both general health care (social security) and the complementary, optional health care provision.
For students, the cost of healthcare with a "mutuelle" provider will range from 40 to 70 euros, depending on the age of the person being insured. 

For students who are from countries outside the EU, it is possible to register with a Belgian "mutuelle", or healthcare provider, as a resident, on condition that they are in possession of a valid residence permit. In this case, the cost will be calculated depending on the student's income.

Students under the age of 18 should, in principle, be covered by their parents' healthcare.

School accident: any student who has an accident in the building of the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles or outside the Conservatoire buildings but while participating in a teaching activity organised by the Conservatoire, is covered by the insurance of the Conservatoire.