Student Council

The Student Council (Conseil des étudiants, or CE) represents the students. It defends and promotes students' interests related to teaching, teaching methods, and the management of the Conservatoire. It also sends information out to students and the other members of the Conservatoire community.
The Student Council is made up of student representatives from each department, elected by the whole student body in March/April. Each year, the representatives chose a number of office-holders from within the council: president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. These office-holders are responsible for the management of the CE, and are also members of the Committee for pedagogical affairs and the Social Committee.

The CE also organises regular events like parties, galas, the first day of the school year, sales of sweat-shirts featuring the image of the Conservatoire, etc.

Members of the CE

President: Olivier Lalau (Early music)
Vice-president: Élisabeth Ternissien (Singing)
Treasurere: Clément Dintilhac (Theatre)
Secretary : Timothé Cuvillier (Singing)

Other representatives
Jazz Department: François Meulemans
Theatre Department: Ninon Arnal, Tadzio Bouffardin, Romane Gaudriaux, Facundo de Guchteneere
Strings Section: Elisabeth Lefebvre
Wind and percussion Section: Lisa Kordic, Raphaelle Nener
Keyboards Section: Emilia Jacqmin, Julie Rozé, Sarah Waterman
Singing Section: Gabriel Ange Brusson, Zoé Rialan
Composition and music theory Section: Anthony Jacob Remacle