Medical check-up

New students have to come to a medical consultation which is preventative, and completely free. This has to be done in a PMS centre (centre for pyschological, medical and social care) approved by the French Community of Belgium (as per the decree of 16/05/2002 related to the promotion of health in higher education).

This check-up will happen, at the latest, during the year of studies leading to the student getting their degree. This is also the occasion for the student to ask questions related to their health and general well-being.

Without this check-up, it is not possible for the degree to be awarded. 

The student-secretariat will summon students for the check-up, through posters and/or email, depending on the dates which the PMS centre offers. 

If you have already passed a medical examination during previous studies in the French Community in Belgium, you can submit a document proving an earlier visit. Without this document, it will be necessary to undergo a new medical exam.