Necessary documents

Attention : only students who have a complete administrative file are authorised to register.

  • Definitive registration form (only available at the secretary's office)
  • Proof of having passed the entrance examiniation (to be collected from the secretary's office, available from the first working after the examination)
  • A valid ID (copy of front and back sides)
  • A diploma proving completion of secondary school education (copy)
  • In the case of applicants to the Bachelor programme, and on condition of meeting the admissions criteria, proof of the introduction for a request for diploma equivalence (équivalence de diplôme) - applicable for applicants with secondary school diplomas acquired outside Belgium.
  • A birth certificate (copy)
  • A recent ID photo
  • In the case of applicants for the Master programme, a copy of prior studies granting access (Bachelor, DNSPM,...)
  • Proof of the applicant's activities during the 5 years prior to entering the Conservatoire. The Federation Wallonia-Brussels requires students to provide evidence of their activities during the 5 years leading up to entering the Conservatoire. Information regarding the years leading up to obtaining a diploma for secondary school education does not have to be provided.
  • Proof of absence of debts to all educational establishments of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (only if the student has been registered in the FWB since 2014)
  • For students from the People's Republic of China: an APS certificate.

The deadline for registration is 31 October after the start of the academic year.
Please note, if you leave your registration until the legal deadline of 31 October, this may seriously jeopordize your chances of succeeding in that year of the course (as the academic and teaching year actually starts in mid-September).