The teacher training in drama at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles offers an in-depth reflection on the best drama teaching practices for diverse student groups.

In the programme, the teachers' experience is combined with student observations to allow them to find theire place as future teachers, and to develop their personal teaching style, based on reflection and fun, with awareness of the relevant legal frameworks. 

Particular attention is paid within the training to the different subjects our students will be teaching: introductory courses such as public-speaking, drama, declamation, multidisciplinary training; complementary classes (diction for speech therapy, workshops in applied drama, etc.) .

The course makes links between starting out as a professional actor, theorists of theatre, and teaching these skills to others.

The course is designed to support students learning to research and try things out, helping them find a balance between lessons which are well-planned and also creative, helping them develop tools for teaching through observational seminars, micro-teaching, and in-depth reflection on how they choose which material to work with.

On the strength of our experience linked to new schools, the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles seeks to foster a positive and constructive teaching approach, at the same time striving for excellence. We aim to train teachers whose work will foster social cohesion through different forms of theatre, and who will foster a desire within their own students to experiment, to read, to play, to be well-informed, and express themselves clearly through language.