Formation Musicale (Basic Music Training)

"Formation Musicale" or music theory, forms the basis for all other formal musical training both at academy and conservatoire level. Historically often limited to learning solfège (sight-reading through, listening and dictation of music, and music theory), nowadays the course has expanded to also include the cultural, sensorial and truly artistic aspects of music, alongside the traditional objective of learning how to "read" and "write" music...

Being a teacher of "Formation Musicale" :

  • is exciting because it brings together a range of skills and activities at the heart of music: technical work on solfege alongside practical work on rythm (clapping, small percussion), movement, polyphonic singing, instrumental ensemble (increasingly, 'FM' classes are taught WITH instruments), introduction to world music by listening, trips to concerts and the opera, to the musical instrument museum, learning about composers etc.
  • offers quick and stable guarantee of a job : there are many vacancies for teachers due to the specific current context.
  • can be perfectly combined with a performance career, fitting for a musician who wants to share their passion for music both as a performer and also by teaching music to future generations.
  • helps promote social integration THROUGH music, because the subject is always taught collectively, in groups where the students share, help each other, can disagree and agree and learn to work together; in short, "learning how to listen and live together in society", thanks to music!

Training in Formation Musicale at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles consists of:

  • two years of a teaching masters, following a Bachelors (first-cycle) in any subject of music (instrument or singing),
  • special courses in teaching skills as well as following the main courses in general and music pedagogy, training in vocale techniques, rythm, choir conducting and piano accompaniment.
Requirements for the entrance examinations 2018-2019:
Course specifications for Formation Musicale :