Basso continuo and continuo

The Conservatoire offers a masters course in Basso continuo/continuo, taught within the department of Early Music.

As the basis of theory and practice of baroque music, basso continuo - or figured bass - is an indispensible tool which is well worth studying for any harpsichordist who intends to have a distinguished musical career. Keyboard harmondy, counterpoint, partimenti, improvisation, detailed study of treatises, recitatives, will be addressed in this course in an in-depth manner. These skills will always be explored in relation to practical musical skills over the two years of this Masters programme which offers a full training for harpsichordists who want to further their skills as accompanists, and the course can also lead to work in choral direction, or as a "maestro concertatore" as well as that of orchestral conductor.

Requirements for the entrance examinations :
Course specifications (in development /based on the course in pianoforte) :