The 3-year cycle for bachelors students includes study of the Dulcian, the baroque bassoon in 415, the baroque bassoon in 392 alongside the classical bassoon. Students will gain regular practice in building and shaping reeds so that they can do this on their own. The course focus on renaissance, baroque and classical music is taught in close collaboration with the collective classes.

In order to help students learn in the most comprehensive way possible, they also participate in chamber music, in particular learning continuo, while solo pieces will be worked on within the bassoon class. Students also participate in orchestra sessions and seminars. 

On the basis of the solid training of the first three years, students at masters level develop a programme for a final recital which, as far as possible, incorporates the full range of the early bassoon repertoire. During this second cycle, or masters programme, chamber music grows in importance, and students are also encouraged to develop links to the professional world.

Requirements for the entrance examinations :
Course specifications for Bassoon :
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