What score should you chose?

The library collection will often contain different editions of the same work.

  • Historic editions
    > For these, check the RISM, the online catalogue, or the paper catalogue.
  • Facsimile editions (facsimile of manuscripts or older editions)
    > Focus on searching the catalogue. There are a number of collections of facsimiles.
    eg. New York Performer’s Facsimiles (B-Bc 89.580)
  • The URTEXT editions
    Urtext means "original text" and guarantees that this edition conforms with the original source.
  • Critical editions
    These are academic editions, accompanied with a critical text explaining the choices made by the editor.
  • Complete works of the great composers.
    In the library collection there are numerous collections of "Complete Works" of great composers, such as :
    Johann Sebastian Bach, New Edition of the Complete Works, Bärenreiter (B-Bc XY-II-092); Franz Liszt, Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, Bärenreiter-EMB (B-Bc XY-I-075); Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, Bärenreiter (B-Bc XY-II-093)...