A third of the collection of the library of the Conservatoire is the result of donations.

Many families have made donations to the library from the archives or personal music libraries of musicians, composers, musicologists or music critics.
Making a donation to the library above all ensures that the documents will be properly conserved, and also allows us to construct a historic collection, with different types of documents available to the public.
It is also a way to help the history of Belgian music, and music in Belgium, become better known.

How to donate one or more documents to the library

It is not possible to list all donors here, but the library extends particular thanks to those who have recently made a donation:

Campos, R.
Coomans de Brachène
Cornaz, M.
Fontyn, J.
Jongen, P.
Moreiras, M. et Mme.
Quinet, Ph.
Vanhulst, H.