How to search the collection

Search the online catalogue

The online catalogue contains over 80,000 records. Within these descriptive notes, new acquisitions are described systematically starting from inventory number 80,000.
It is possible to carry out an "advanced search" using different search criteria : by author, title, instruments, type of document.
The search manual // > PDF LINK // contains tips and explains the different abbreviations which can be used to make searches in the library's Koha system.

Online catalogue

Search the library catalogue

It is possible to consult the printed index in the reference room and the manuscript files by making a request with the library staff.
These files contain the paper records written since the library was opened in 1832, including all of the historic collections as well as documents available for loan with an inventory number between 52,000 and 80,000. These files are mainly arranged according to author's name.

Search the RISM

For documents before 1850, you can try the International Inventory of Musical sources (RISM - Répertoire International des Sources Musicales), which is an international repertory containing over 1,000,000 catalogue descriptions, available for free online.

According to the RISM, the library of the Conservatoire is the biggest collection of music in Belgium. The international siglum of the library is B-Bc (Belgium, Brussels, Conservatoire).
The catalogue describes over 21,000 documents from the library. This includes nearly 5,000 old editions and over 16,500 manuscripts dating from between 1600 and 1850.


Search bibliographic references

General reference works

  • The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
    SADIE Stanley (éd.), London, Macmillan, 2001 (2e éd.), 29 vols.
    > Version online
  • Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart
    FINSCHER Ludwig (éd.), Kassel, Bärenreiter, Stuttgart-Weimar, Metzler, 1994-2007.
    > Version online

Search engines

  • RILM (International Repertory of Musical Literature - Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale)
    This international repertory includes all publications which have been published in the field of music since 1967 until present, and includes a summary of every reference. It contains almost 1,000,000 references in nearly 143 languages.
    This is a search engine for electronic journals. JSTOR includes the whole text of articles published since 1967 in over 70 periodicals and other electronic publications.