Daphné D'Heur


Polymorphic artist, graduated from INSAS, Daphné D'Heur plays, directs, composes, sings and lends his voice to cartoon characters.
She has performed under the direction of many renowned directors and regularly composes for the theater.
She directed "La tête en bas" adapted from the novel by Noëlle Châtelet (2004), "Juliette tout seule" by Florence Klein, "Symphoniaque", Zoé ‘s musical show, “POP CORN” by Pietro Pizzuti and recently “Je suis un poids plume”"by Stéphanie Blanchoud.
As a singer, she collaborates with many musicians, reviews the repertoire of Léo Ferré with Jean-Luc Fafchamps (Ictus) or Kurt Weill with Kim Van den Bempt (Musiques Nouvelles). Passionate pedagogue, she devoted herself to the teaching of dramatic art and vocal training, notably at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and regularly coaches actors and singers in theatrical or discographic productions.