Physical Training

The course in physical training is a component of the teaching unit in "stage techniques". This course offers the technical basis necessary for the trainee actor nowadays. The aim of the course is to help students become aware of the artistic potential directly connected in their body and voice, as well as working on their relation to the space, to their partner, and the audience. 

This particular work on getting to know oneself leads students to gradually realise their potential, as they become increasingly autonomous, and gain access to the ability to be in charge of their expressivity and imagination in the best way possible. "You have to speak with the body and move with the words". As Ariane Mnouchkine said, imagination comes from the body first; these courses in performance technique thus require a collective desire to seek a simultaneous connection between the actor's three tools of expression: the body, the voice and the imagination.

All the exercises in the three sections of this teaching unit (Vocal training, movement for the stage, physical training) allow actors to develop a personal form of training in order to overcome any resistances or obstacles which are blocking their creative work. At the same these classes prepare actors to have a real stage presence by stimulating them to be available, mentally and physically, when on stage.

Most of the exercises used in these three courses will not necessarily be used directly on stage. Far more than the result, it is the process which counts.