Balakumar Paramalingam


Balakumar Paramalingam and his performances are well known in both the percussion and world music communities.
His playing is marked by a fantastic intuition and incredible dexterity based on an incredible knowledge of the different percussion instruments. A virtuoso in the art of konnakol (the rhythmic percussive language of Indian music), he is a master of the art of Kanjira and Morsing.
A talented accompanist, he shares the Indian classical music scene with renowned artists such as L Subramaniam, Ashok Patak, Sanju Sahai, Anubrata Chatterjee, Prabhu Edouard...
His taste for all kinds of music has led him to collaborate with artists such as Gilles Apap, Dominique di Piazza, Thoine Thays, Camel Zeckri...
A recognised teacher, Balakumar also devotes himself to transmitting his art through seminars and masterclasses. He is certainly one of the best representatives of mridangam in Europe.