The Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles is a school of arts operating under the authority of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (the institution of the French-speaking community in Brussels and Wallonia). The director is at the head of the establishment, together with a deputy director, director of studies, and the administration team.


Conservatoire management is structured around a number of bodies responsible for both representation and consultation.

Committee for pedagogical affairs (Conseil de Gestion Pédagogique )

The job of the committee for pedagogical affairs is to create the teaching and artistic vision of the school alongside planning regulations about studies. The organising powers consult with this committee regarding all pedagogic matters including anything related to methods of teaching or hiring staff. The committee plays an essential role in particular with regards to recruiting teachers. Within the committee there is space for free discussion, and matters can be discussed before decisions are made (by a vote). It consists of the director - who chairs the committee - the deputy director, the administrator, a delegate of the government, 6 representatives of the teaching staff (3 from music and 3 from drama), 2 representatives of the teaching assistants (1 from music and 1 from drama), 3 union representatives, one representative of the administrative / non-artistic staff, and 6 student representatives, along with a substitute for each.

The representatives of the teachers and accompanists are elected for a term of 4 years which is renewable. The representatives of the assistants are elected for a term of 2 years, also renewable. The student representatives are relected for a term of 1 year which is renewable. 

The reports of these meetings can be accessed via the Conservatoire intranet. At any time, people can get information there about the discussions in progress and any decisions made. The committee meets regularly. at least 8 times per year.

Department Committees

These committees make proposals for how the overall teaching and artistic vision should be implemented in each department of subdivision of the school. They consist of all the teachers involved in the course in each department alongside 4 student representatives. Each committee choses one of its members to be chair. Within these committees, there is space for discussion, reflections and other projects which are also able to be raised and discussed in the committee for pedagogical affairs. 

Social Committee

The social committee sets the social budget for the school and allocates financial aid. The committee gives its opinion on all questions related to the material and social conditions of students. The annual budget of the committee is proportional to the number of students. 

The committee includes, in equal numbers, student representatives as designated by the Student Council, and staff representatives, director and teacher. The director of the Conservatoire is a member, and the chair, of the social committee. The person responsible for accounting in the school is associated to the work of this committee. 

Since 2009. the social committee has been supported in its work by a social worker who is assigned to work for all three Brussels art schools  which are part of the ARTes platform : the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles, INSAS and La Cambre.

Participatory Bodies

Two further participatory bodies make up the organisational structure of the Conservatoire : the Student Council and the Union of Teaching staff of the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxellles (or "Union du Corps professoral du Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles"): UCPCRB.