2018-19 Admissions Procedure

Initial registration for the entry examinations is done totally online.

The first step is to register for access to the electronic form.

Access will be given via a code (a unique website link) by mail.

  • You fill in the first form to give us your email address
  • You will receive a first email from us to verify and confirm your email address
  • You receive a second email with the access code.

You are ready to register your request !

The admissions file consists of 6 sections:

  • Identity and contact details
  • Artistic and academic information
  • Administrative information
  • Registration fee
  • Documents
  • Convocation

Each section can be filled in separately.

You can consult and edit your application file on line as much as you wish.

Once you feel you have finished entering one section, you submit it and the section will be checked by the admissions office.

  • If they notice any errors or missing information, the admissions office will re-open that section of your application, and you will receive an email explaining the problem and asking you to edit the section and re-submit it.
  • If there are no problems, the section will be validated and submitted to the CrB.

After having submitted one section, you will still be able edit the other sections and you will also still be able to see the section which you have submitted.

When all 6 sections have been submitted and validated by both you and the CrB, you will receive an email confirming your application and inviting you to take the entrance examination.