Madrigali, dialogues avec la lumière (sold out)



Madrigali, dialogues avec la lumière (sold out)

After a time of isolation that forced us to communicate at a distance and mainly through video, there is a renewed desire for something sensual and indeterminate. A dialogue between the beauty of Monteverdi's music and the mystery of light, between sound and vision, encourages us to imagine the future with renewed hope.

June 29 2022 20:00

Design, lighting and direction
Enrico Bagnoli I Marianne Pousseur

Musical direction
Nicolas Achten

Council in movement
Nienke Reehorst

Assistant director
Estelle Renaud

Lucas Bedecarrax I Kateřina Blížkovská I Romane Cabaret I Emanuele Petracco I Madeleine Treilhou

Michala Aagaard I Alika Bourdon I Remy Thiébaut I Camille Vandevelde

Tetsuhiro Isaji I Laura Pok I Henriette Urban I Walter Zwiekhorst 

A production of the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles, in collaboration with the Khroma Company and with the support of FIPA

Théâtre des Riches-Claires I Salle Viala
Rue des Riches Claires 24 - 1000 Bruxelles - BELGIUM

Free entrance, reservation is required
A little more patience, reservations will be possible soon...
+ More info: 0496 54 77 62

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