Gloria Gloria


Courants d'airs Festival 2022

Gloria Gloria

How can we not respond to systemic violence related to class, gender, race? How can we not resort to violence when it is everywhere? It hovers in Gloria's daily life, in her flat, even in her bed. So when Gloria discovers her power, her capacity to kill, she uses it. This is not the story of revenge but of an initiation, of a discovery of what the body is capable of.

April 24 2022 11:30

Fanny Brulé Kopp director I Nathalie Deroy sound design
Alice Bisotto - Nora Zrika - Cédric Fontaine - Jeanne Cazelles - Quentin Van Rengen interpretation

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles 
Chêne Site 
I Room 024
Chêne Street 17 - 1000 Brussels - BELGIUM

Free entrance*
*Registration by name is required and possible until the day before the performance