Courants d'airs Festival 2022


IRMA is a story that we want to tell; it is the birth to the world of a woman imprisoned in her time who only dreams of being at the cutting edge of technology. Irma is a great lady, a little old-fashioned, a little old-fashioned. She was one of the greatest, the most elegant, the most adored. Irma is a bit like our own Norma Desmond, our fallen star who doesn't want to let the light go. Except that our Irma will decide to fight, to try, to throw herself into the water to avoid being left behind. Irma, by name, is an old woman who drags behind her a lot of clichés, from prostitute to fortune teller to the old outdated actress seen in silent films. Irma, however, is full of youth in her head and dreams of shaking her body to the latest hits and slapping her buttocks on the floor like her beautiful colleagues. IRMA is the process of this character, accompanied by her two clownish sidekicks of all time: B & B, to break out of her old and dusty straitjacket. How will she manage to stand out in the crazy Brussels nights? Will she be able to break out of the prejudices that have followed her all these years? Will Irma la douce become Irma the queen?

April 24 2022 19:30

Sasha Delongueil writing - interpretation I Elisa Peters wirting - production I Benoît Finschi - Camélia Clair interpretation

Cabaret Mademoiselle
Marché au Charbon Street 53 - 1000 Brussels - BELGIUM

Free entrance*
*Online registration is required