Courants d'airs Festival 2022


Three years after sexually assaulting a woman at a party with friends, a man meditates, alone, as if in a dream. He recalls his life before, the assault and the aftermath. Although he knows that he is not the victim of the story, he questions his status as the aggressor, accepts his guilt, questions his responsibility, bears witness to his unease and the loneliness of his new life. This play confronts the ordinariness of an extremely violent act, by giving voice to the culprit, an anonymous man, because a man like all the others.

April 24 2022 13:00

Jacques Josef writing I Arthur Skirole direction I Lou Lévêque music creation I Tamara Kalvanda - Tom Lalune - Estelle Strypstein performance I Adélaïde Perrault choreography I Sarah Tombeur video animation I Léa Vandooren lighting design I Mona Kienlen-Campard sound & image editing

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles 
Chêne Site 
I Joseph Jongen Auditorium
Chêne Street 17 - 1000 Brussels - BELGIUM

Free entrance*
*Online registration is required