Courants d'airs Festival 2022


ADN tells the story of a group of friends who take the game too far and end up killing one of their own. This play deals with the emotional and societal escalation that takes place in a group, especially in adolescence and in a school context. We witness the loss of childhood, of the concepts of caring, solidarity and friendship. We are witnessing the fear of the other, of his gaze, of his perpetual judgement in a society where being oneself is not welcome, where the group takes precedence: "What is more important: one person or everyone else? Translated with (free version)

April 24 2022 17:30

Dennis Kelly writing I Johara Belhmane direction I Johara Belhmane - Estelle Marra video I Romane Gaudriaux lighting design & sound editing I Alexandre Moxhet assistant stage manager I Ninon Arnal - steban Delsaut - Romane Gaudriaux - Nicolas Jouant - Marius Lahaut - Estelle Marra - Linus Planchet - Coline Ridoux - Tristan Schacht interpretation

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles 
Chêne Site 
I Hall
Chêne Street 17 - 1000 Brussels - BELGIUM

Free entrance*
*Registration by name is required and possible until the day before the performance