Claire Hennes - De Wever 2022 Prize (Theatre)



Claire Hennes - De Wever 2022 Prize (Theatre)

March 5 2022 10:00

Dates and times will be confirmed very soon...

Prize amount
1000 euros

Participation requirements
Belgian citizens whose age is not over 30 at the time of the competition, with a bachelor degree from Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles.


  • 2  scenes of classical repertory (drama or comedy)
  • Interpretation of character in a modern scene
  • Brief comment on presented pieces + The candidates have to answer to general knowledge

Deadline for registration
5 February 2022
(the registration form is available at students services)

Public access
Based on measurements at the time of the public performances

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles
Régence site
 I Grande Salle
Rue de la Régence 30 - 1000 Brussels - BELGIUM

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