Courants d'airs Festival

15e edition - 21.04 > 2.05. 2021

15 years of fresh art at Courants d’arts…

Launched in 2005 at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles, the "Courants d’airs" festival is an occasion to open up the conservatoire so students can share their work and also gain performance experience. It gives them a chance to develop their own original projects before they finish studying, and present these to the public.
Since 2010, the festival has partnered with the Centre des Arts Scéniques, an organisation which supports young actors from different Arts Colleges of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels as they transition into professional life. Since then, students and recent graduates have come together each year to create new work for the festival which attracts ever larger audiences thanks to the wide range of different styles of art and performance on offer.
For the last fifteen years, "Courants d’airs" has consistently featured new generations of artists. Its policy of all events being free to the public makes the festival accessible to as many people as possible. Festival goers can choose from a range of arts and performance that is growing ever more diverse, including theatre, different types of music (classical music, new music, jazz, early music, traditional music), circus acts, dance, visual arts and street arts.
The festival not only enables general audiences to discover new performances, but also acts a showcase for increasing numbers of Belgian and foreign professionals in the field who come to scout new talent. Above all, "Courants d’airs" is a unique space where young Belgian artists have the chance to develop new and original work.

Courants d’airs 2021 - A unique anniversary edition

The fifteenth edition of Courants d’airs is happening online from 21 April to 2 May, 2021. To mark this special anniversary edition, the programme will look back to highlights from previous years alongside new original work. In addition to performances and concerts by students and recent graduates, the festival welcomes back some artists who have performed in past editions of the festival. In this way, Courants d’airs 2021 will touch base with the young talents who made their mark in the past and who have since found success in the professional world.
Courants d’airs 2021 brings together theatre, music, dance, opera, street performers and circus arts. In total, no fewer than 150 young performers will be featured in this edition! The festival will present 23 projects. Some were developed in the world ‘before’ the crisis, while others were made right in the middle of the pandemic. Either way, we hope that the work will move and entertain us as much as ever!

Courants d’airs 2021 is being streamed online, and even though screens in no way replace the stage, we believe it is essential to offer young artist some hope for the future, and to support their projects while keeping alive arts education and culture.
Courants d’airs 2021 is grateful to all the young artists, writers, composers and performers, and also to the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles and all its very valued partners, as well as to the media and – above all – to the public, including audiences old and new, for their continued support of young Belgian creative work.

They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.
(Mexican proverb and central theme for the 2021 edition)


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