Muriel Kouyaté


Muriel was born in Ornans, France, where she began music with a classical education in Piano from the age of eight. At the age of 18, during a cultural meeting at her high school, she discovers Djembé thanks to a Malian musician. Real musical love at first sight, the sound and the energy of this instrument are such that for Muriel, it is an obviousness... she decides to give herself to the instrument. Carried by her passion, she leaves France and settles in Brussels and pursues 6 years of training intensive with the Master of the Djembe, Mamady Keïta. In 1999, she is certified International of the school Mandingue Djembé Academy. Self-taught, she continues her training through numerous journeys of musical research in West Africa. Percussionist in many traditional formations in Belgium, Muriel participates in 1997 at the "Tabaski Tour" organized by Mamady Keïta in Upper Guinea with the students, graduates of Tam Tam Mandingo. A unique experience. This is followed by a participation in DVD's "Mamady Keïta - Messengers of Tradition" (report of this trip), as well as the didactic DVD. by Mamady Keïta " Les Rythmes du Mandeng.Vol4. Bonus The Rhythms Pyramid ". We can also mention her participation in the percussion band " Foli Laka " group exclusively female under the artistic direction of Mamady Keïta. For several years, she has been a Djembefola percussionist within several projects on the Belgian and foreign scene:

  • With the famous musician Griot, N'Faly Kouyaté
    "Kora Strings" (Afro-Classical Style. CD Kora Strings) I "Nfaly Kouyaté & Dunyakan" (World music, Afro-rock) I "N'Faly Kouyaté & Change Project" (Style Afrotronix)
  • With the legendary Master Djembéföla Mamady Keïta
    "Mamady Keïta & Sewakan" (Traditional style - ballet)

Parallel to the stage, one of her passions is to transmit this Musical Culture of the Djembe. and the Doundoums. It has been doing so for about twenty years through different structures inBelgium but also abroad.

  • In 1996, founding member of Namunkanda asbl with her husband N’Faly Kouyaté
  • In 2004, founding member of her school Cadence Mandingue - African Drums & Dance Academy (academy recognized by the VGC-Flemish Community and by the Municipality of Anderlecht). Weekly courses, workshops...
  • Founding member of the Drums Circle Event Department (teambuildings, Events, corporate coaching) of Cadence Mandingue
  • Professor of Doundoums at the Namunschool of N'faly Kouyaté since 2013
  • Internationally Certified Active in TTMDA by Mamady Keïta
  • She is entitled to pass the "official levels" of this famous international academy and toorganize internships, events: International Workshops in Mexico & Belgium

Muriel has also been an accompanist for African dance classes for many years. She has notably performed for the dancers Mama Adama Camara (Ballets Africains de Guinea, Ensemble Koteba d'Abidjan), Bebey Yula (Ballets Africains de Guinée), Robert de Decker, Sonia Van Bockstaele...