Isabelle Bonesire


1988              Post-Graduate in violin - Highest Honor
                      Royal Conservatory of Brussels
1985              Undergraduate for Chamber Music - Honors
                      Royal Conservatory of Brussels
1984              Undergraduate in violin - High Honors
                      Royal Conservatory of Brussels
1975-1983     Excellence Award for the violin, piano, chambe
                      music, music theory and flute, with medals
                      awarded to the City and the Government.
                      Conservatoire de Namur

Advanced courses and masters classes
Master of Music – violin – with Lex Korff de Gidts and Viktor Liberman - Conservatorium van Utrecht and Amsterdam (NL)
Master classes with Igor Ozim (Hochschule fur Musik of Köln), Gerard Poulet (France), Hermann Krebbers and Viktor Liberman (both former Concertmasters at the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam).
Graduate of the Internationals University Courses for Spanish music (of St Jacques of Compostella and "Manuel de Falla" Course in Granada)

Awards and Honors
- At the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels, prizes:
      Fox-Ackermans, Delvaux Fund, Marie Tordeus, Nelson Lekime, Van Hal,Yvonne Lecrinier, Maurice Lefranc and Jean van Straelen.

- Belgians national competitions:
Winner of "GUNTHER" and "YOUNG TALENTS" competition for violin, piano, flute and chamber music.
1st prize "René DEPAS 1994", Special Award and Public Award in Liège
Winner of OSE-SWU of French-speaker Artists (1989) of Liège
"Tenuto-BRT" award (1986)The Belgian Vocation Foundation “Karel Aerts 1988" award
Prize "Felix Godefroid Fund" (1988) City of Namur
st prize "DARCHE Brother" (1988) in Brussels
st prize in "Edward DERU" (1988) City of Verviers
Sorokin" Scholarship of the "Queen Elisabeth Competition" Foundation
Awarded the Foundation Scholarship "Horlait Dapsens"
1st prize of "Crédit Communal de Belgique" for violin (1982) and piano (1984)
1st prize at the "Charles de Bériot" competition 1981
Winer of the prizes Astoria, RTBF 81, INNER WHEEL, WERY, Prix SACEM Award EMI-BELGIUM.

- Internationals Competitions
6th prize at the "Carl Flesh" in London - 1986
(Best execution and exclusive recording of Three Studies by David Matthews)
4th prize at the "European Competition" in Vienna - Austria - 1985
1st prize at the International Murcia Competition - Spain - 1985
1st prize at "Luis COLEMAN" in Sint Jacques de Compostela - 1986
st Prize "Jose Miguel Ruiz Morales" (special prize for the interpretation of Spanish music – Sint Jacques de Compostela) - 1985
Accepted as member of the foundation of Sir Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now

Orchestral and Chamber experience
2012: Chamber music festival in Seoul and Kwangju – Korea (duo, trio and quintet)
Since 1991: Violin – First section – Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie (Belgium)
2002-2011: Violin – First section – Orchestre de Chambre Camera Con Cor(d)e
Regularly asked as Concertmaster or soloist in the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie, Brussels Virtuosi, Nuevo Musiche, I Musici Brucellencis and several other professionals ensembles in Belgium.
First, second violin alternate and viola in the Quatuor Momentum and Ensemble Polygone during four years.
Several chamber ensembles with the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie (trio, quartet, quintet, sextuor, octuor)

1992 – 2011: Assistant for the violin class of Adam Korniszewski In the Royal Conservatory of Brussels
2007 – .... Assistant for orchestral training for the class of Bernard Delire at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
2005 – 2012 : Proposed to the Conservatory, directed and created the "Petite Chambre du Chêne" Chamber Orchestra, a pedagogic project to allow students to perform as soloists as part of their education.

Concerts as Soloist:
Halls: Barbican Center in London
oyal Theatre in Madrid , National Conservatory of Paris , Queen Elizabeth Hall in Antwerp , Flagey in Brussels, Theatre Royal de la Monnaie
With Orchestras: London Symphony Orchestra, The London Players Orchestra, Orchestre National de Belgique, Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège, International Orchestra of Murcia, Brussels youth Orchestra
With Conductors    : James Loughran (GB), Jane Glover (GB), Thüring Bräm (Swiss), Pierre Bartholomée (B), George Octors (B), Patrick Davin(B)

International Tour
Tour in Germany with Orchestre de Chambre de Wallonie, Tour in Spaïn with Brussels Virtuosi 

Chamber Music
Isabelle Bonesire played chamber music with Augustin Dumay, Frank Braley, Didier Poskin, Pierre Brunello, Daniel Rubenstein, Eugène De Cank, Chantal Lefèvre, Jean-François Chamberlan, Marc Grauwels amog others.

BBC 3 - English Radio
TVE - Spanish Television 
BRT – Belgian Flemish Radio and Television
RTBF – French Speaking Belgian television
Around 2O professionals recordings with the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie and the Camera Concor(d)e
ans Several recordings of popular music and music hall

World and belgian premieres
- World premiere of the concerto JUEGOSCONCERTANTES - Carmelo Bernaola Murcia Festival – Spain (1986)
- World premiere of the string quartet "Homage to Purcell" by Benoît Jacquemin (1st violin)
- Belgian Premiere "Concerto a Cinque," for guitar and strings by Guido Santorsola "Tangata de Agosto" for guitar and strings by Maximo Diego Pujol - 1st violin (2009)