21/22 season - Access


Dear audience,

Anyone aged 16 years and older must present a valid Covid Safe Ticket in the form of a QR code (digital or printed) as well as a piece of identification, in order to attend the coming performances.
With a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) or EU Digital covid certificat, you can attend an event without social distance. Wearing a surgical face mask and hand disinfection, however, remains compulsory at Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles and Partners Sites.

How will the Covid Safe Ticket be checked ?

The Covid Safe Ticket check takes place before the entrance to the venue.
The Covid Safe Ticket is a personal document. Our staff will scan the QR code of your Covid Safe Ticket and check your identity. To be able to do so, we request you bring valid phsyical proof of identity (including biometrical data), like an ID-card, passport or driver’s license. 
When your Covid Safe Ticket is scanned at an event, no health data are shared.
We recommend you to take this extra check into account and arrive at the performance venue in good time.

Thank you for your understanding of these exceptional measures.

Unless otherwise specified, events access is free with registration by name in the Events section.