Gérard Mansoif


Courants d'airs Festival 2022

Gérard Mansoif

April 21 2022 13:00

Gérard is an old seal who has been confined for centuries. He has opinions on everything: love, mussels, manga, flowers, fake news, the crisis, passers-by in the street... The more he drinks, the more radical he becomes. He changes his mind with every glass of wine. Gerard is never at low tide. Gérard is uninhibited, he dares everything.

Sarah Mathurin interpretation I Sébastien Terrisse - Lionel Hille assistant director - sound and lighting

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles 
Chêne Site 
I Tent
Chêne Street 17 - 1000 Brussels - BELGIUM

Free entrance*
*Online registration is required